SR-1,250 Custom Truck Bed

//SR-1,250 Custom Truck Bed

SR-1,250 Custom Truck Bed

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SR-1,250 Custom Truck Bed
Choose your skid size and options, and Seal-Rite can design a custom truck bed for you! Call us and ask what we can do for your truck!

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Product Description

• SR-1,250 Custom Truck Bed that comes standard with easy access to all controls and air compressor, tool storage, brake lights, a center light bar and a lighted license plate bracket.
• Shown With: Brush Box, Water Tank, Black Paint, Off-Road Lights, Electric Hose Reel, Air Operated Spray Bar, Suspensions Seat (not pictured), Gas Tank, Blower Pocket, Receiver Hitch, Bedside Ladder, Removable Side Rails

• Brush box
• 29 gallon plastic water tank with 5 gpm Wilden air-operated, dual-diaphragm pump, 50’ of hose and a nozzle
• Black paint
• Four 6” chrome 250,000 candle watt off-road lights and four LED strobe lights
• Hannay 150’ electric hose reel
• Air operated spray bar with 6 tips, equipped with individual ball valves on each tip to reduce leakage and adjust desired spray width. (Approx. 9’ spray width)
• Suspension seat with mounting brackets
• 9 Gallon gas tank
• Blower pocket
• Receiver hitch
• Manway ladder
• Bedside ladder
• Removable side rails

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1,250 Gallons