SR-1,000 Skid Unit

//SR-1,000 Skid Unit
  • SR-1,000 Skid Unit
  • SR-1,000 Skid Unit

SR-1,000 Skid Unit

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1,000 gallon steel tank with 7 gauge head, 10 gauge sidewalls and reinforced tank ends

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Product Description

• 1,000 gallon steel tank with 7 gauge heads and 10 gauge sidewalls • 30 gallon Jenny air compressor powered by an electric start Honda GX390 (13HP) motor • 50’ of air hose and a quick connect • Hydraulic agitation featuring a 4” agitator shaft with infinitely variable speeds in forward and reverse, complete with a full sweep, four paddle agitation system with 3/8” thick rubber wiper blades on each paddle that rub the sidewalls for a cleaner tank • 25” gasketed manway with a sand grate, bag splitter, inner splash lid and lockable outer lid • 2” Wilden air-operated, dual-diaphragm pump that can handle heavy sand/additive loads, and only needs to be cleaned for winterization • 3 gallon filter pot that reduces down time • Hannay 150’ swivel mount hose reel, with 100’ of 3/4” 300 psi hand hose and a 6 1/2’ aluminum spray wand (Hose reel is available mounted or unmounted, swivel feature is only available if the hose real is mounted on the unit)

• Brush box (un-mounted)
• 29 gallon plastic water tank with 5 gpm Wilden air-operated, dual-diaphragm pump, 50’ of hose and a nozzle
• Black paint
• Four 6” chrome 250,000 candle watt off-road lights and four LED strobe lights
• Hannay 150’ electric hose reel
• Air operated spray bar with 6 tips, equipped with individual ball valves on each tip to reduce leakage and adjust desired spray width. (Approx. 9’ spray width)
• Gooseneck Trailer
• Flatbed Trailer

Additional Information

Weight2620 lbs
Dimensions130 x 73 x 76 in

1,000 Gallons