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About Seal Rite

Seal-Rite has been offering the largest selection of sealcoating equipment, parts and accessories on the market since 1997.
From the beginning, it has always been our commitment to provide the best quality equipment and customer service on the market. After nearly 20 years of sealcoating, we felt the equipment available on the market was lacking in many areas. After customizing our own equipment to make it better suited to the true sealcoater’s needs, we decided to market our design. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our reputation in the sealcoating industry for manufacturing quality products and maintaining impeccable customer service grows every year and with every satisfied customer. We know you have a lot of choices out there, but no other company will offer the quality, value and great prices that we do. And nobody even comes close to the legendary level of personal service we provide each customer, large or small. GUARANTEED. While we do have inexpensive units for those starting out there is nothing "econo" about our quality – no matter the unit! That's why we don't have titles like "Pro-Unit"; every Seal-Rite unit is "Pro" quality and available at an affordable price. Even if you are just starting out, we expect your business to grow and the right Seal-Rite unit will keep up with you as you do.

There are plenty of companies that claim to have an innovative idea all to themselves. They will use an individual’s inexperience to try to persuade them into thinking that their plastic, octagonal, air driven, "business in a box" – or whatever else they are trying to sell – is the way to go. The bottom line is that our heavy gauge round steel tanks with hydraulically driven agitation and thick rubber wipers sweeping the inside of our tanks are proven. As are our top of the line components and parts on the outside – like Honda, Jenny, Wilden, Goodyear and Hannay. These tried and true details comprise a machine that will give you less headaches and allow more production for greater profits than any other machine on the market. We want to help you work efficiently and that means all aspects of your sealcoating business. Seal-Rite did not forget the end of your day when we designed our systems. Most of our customers NEVER have to get inside of our tanks to clean them out, thanks to those thick rubber wipers and our perfectly round seal coat tank.

Wondering about our track record for quality construction? Out of hundreds and hundreds of units sold, we have replaced ONE tank. What happened? A customer special ordered his own, personal frame design that could not adequately handle the weight of the 1,500 gallon tank. Ask the competition how many seal coat tanks they’ve had to replace. Was it due to rubbing or sand scratching against the side, cracks, denting during shipment, or just plain wearing through from the straps some use or at the seams? Do they have distributors? Have they ever had a distributor stop selling their units due to the number of problems?

Will they tell you the truth? Hopefully, but maybe not – so do some research to be sure. Ask for references in the form of local contractors that use their equipment, names, phone numbers, could you go visit them, etc. We were contractors ourselves for nearly 20 years and we work hard for our dollar too, so we’re going to treat you like we want to be treated, before, during and long after the sale. We guarantee it and our reputation is proof of it. Don’t let yourself be troubled with the bitterness of poor quality that will remain long after you've forgotten the sweetness of low price. Take a look at our product line-up and we’re sure you’ll find you’ve come to the right company for all your sealcoating equipment and parts needs.

Make sure you're not just another unhappy customer of some “other” company – like many people we talk to. Instead, take a look at Seal-Rite sealcoating equipment and send us a catalog request, or better yet, give us a call at 1-800-360-4491 and we’ll get you on your way to becoming a happy, prosperous sealcoating contractor.


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