About Seal-Rite

Since 1997, Seal-Rite has been offering the largest selection
of sealcoating equipment, parts, and accessories on the market

From the beginning, it has been our commitment to provide the best quality equipment and customer service on the market at the most affordable price. After nearly 20 years of sealcoating, we felt the equipment available on the market was lacking in quality and effectiveness. After customizing our own equipment to make it better suited to the true sealcoater’s needs, we decided to market our design. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, after more than 20 years of manufacturing our own design, our reputation in the sealcoating industry for manufacturing quality products and maintaining impeccable customer service is unequaled, bar none. We know you have a lot of choices out there, but no other company will offer the quality, value and great prices we do. As a family-owned business, no one even comes close to the legendary level of personal service we provide every customer, large or small.

While we do have inexpensive units for those starting out there is nothing “econo” about our quality – no matter the unit! That’s why we don’t have titles like “Pro-Unit”; every Seal-Rite unit is “Pro” quality and available at an affordable price. Even if you are just starting out, we expect your business to grow, and we want your Seal-Rite unit to keep up with you as you do. It is our job to make your job easier.

Seal-Rite trailers, bulk tanks and skids are made in the heart of America by American craftsmen who are dedicated to providing you with quality equipment. Our units feature top of the line components from reliable companies such as Honda, Jenny, Wilden, Goodyear, and Hannay. And, since we manufacture our units in-house, and always have, all of our parts are readily available and in-stock at all times. We know how valuable your time is, so we strive to get all equipment and parts order out as quickly as possible so you can get to work right away.

So whether you are a seasoned sealcoater or just getting in the game, we have the equipment you need to be a successful professional. With our knowledgeable sales team, we can help ensure that you get the unit that fits your needs perfectly. And our staff is also trained to help you with any technical problems you may have. Take a look at our product line-up and you’ll find you’ve come to the right company for all your sealcoating parts and equipment needs.

Don’t be just another unhappy customer of some “other” company. Instead, take a look at Seal-Rite. We are happy to send you a free catalog, or better yet, give us a call at 1-573-387-4491 and we’ll get you on your way to becoming a happy, prosperous sealcoating contractor.

Customer Reviews

“As the owner of an asphalt company time is money and quality parts save both time and money! Thanks seal rite for your fantastic customer service and for providing us with the highest quality parts available!! I will definitely order from your company again!”

Sonny S.

“Great unit that has made us a lot of profit. We are looking at the SR-850 Extreme Trailer as our next purchase. Thank you for making quality-made sealcoating rigs!”

Josh P. / Asphalt 911 Inc.

“Best machine out there, hands down!”

A. Pittore / New Hampshire

“Cameron Sealcoating of Jefferson, NH believes in order to do quality work you need quality equipment. We have a SR-700 and we also purchased a Seal-Rite 6,000 gallon bulk tank. The quality of the equipment by Seal-Rite is nothing but the best. As a business owner it makes you feel good when your customers compliment your equipment.”

Cameron Sealcoating

“I would highly recommend Seal-Rite to anyone in the sealcoating business. You will find it is the finest constructed design and craftsmanship anywhere and excellent customer service with very friendly staff. A 5 star company.”

W.W. / CA

“Your tanks are very well made. The lid shuts tight so no sealer leaks out and that keeps the tanks looking good. I used it all summer long, pumped plenty of sealer through it, and I can say it never clogged up! Plenty of hose kept over spray off my white truck, and the trailer pulled down the road fine loaded and unloaded. What a great investment buying this machine! I hope to upgrade to a bigger one in the future.”

Stanley's Seal Coating / Ohio

“Thanks again for your help in trouble shooting problems with my Wilden pump. Not only did we quickly figure out what was wrong, but more importantly, we were able to make good decisions on repair vs. replace. Additionally, the parts I needed you had in stock, whereas the somewhat local Wilden distributor gave me a two week lead time.”

Russ Lyons / Kevin and Russ Driveways Sealing, Rochester NY

“We are a third generation company that prides ourselves on quality and craftsmanship. When looking for a new seal machine, Seal-Rite was the only choice. The style and quality of the machine reflects our business image.”

James Dawley / Dawley Asphalt Paving Service

“First of all I just want say thanks…I’ve been in business for 25 years, we have only been using air assisted units for approximately 5-6 years. I’ve bought units here in Canada….and I have to say I’ve never seen such a well-built thought out design in my life. There isn’t one thing that you people at Seal-Rite haven’t thought of to make my job go so much smoother….it’s definitely all the small detail and options all on one unit that definitely makes you stand out way further than the rest. I have lot of friends in the same business in Ontario here and I can’t wait to show this thing off, so they know what you have put out there. Anyway the long of the short is….I am extremely happy with my purchase both in quality and your service is second to none…keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to doing business with your company in the many years to come…and oh yeah, very reasonably priced for what I got. Thanks again.”

D.C. / Ontario

“Customer service is second to none. You were knowledgeable of your product and the sealcoat business. A great help for new folks to the business! Thank you for all the help.”

Randall Robbins / R&R Sealcoating

“It is true! I paid for the machine on the first job in 2004. It was a large shopping center. The SR-700 is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. In 18 years of being in the seal coating business I have used many of the “other” manufacturer’s machines. By far the Seal-Rite SR-700 is the best built seal tanker I have ever used. Not only is it the best I have used, it is the most functional. The tanker has an exclusive suck-back feature through the hand spray wand, hose, filter pot and pump for quick and easy clean up. Seal-Rite is built by a Sealcoater for a Sealcoater. To me the Seal-Rite SR-700 is a “Rolls Royce” of seal tankers.

It has been so good in 2005 I didn’t shop around, just added a new SR-1000 and now we can really turn out the big jobs.

Seal-Rite is a winning combination for us, I have yet to have a single problem with either machine, they have paid for themselves very fast so I made more money!”

K.K. / Texas Asphalt Maintenance

“You can’t go wrong with Seal-Rite!! Friendly service & great products make for a great choice. These units are the Cadillac’s of sealcoating machines!”

Rick White / R & N Sealcoating

“You can obviously tell Brent has some background in sealcoating. It shows in your equipment design and fabrication. Keeping a simple yet reliable unit is very useful to getting the work done. I hope to add another trailer rig next year!”

Dean Schilling / Asphalt Maintenance and Paving Inc.

“I owned an off brand 550 for 7 years and thought they were the best. Couldn’t get parts, replaced with SR-700 and found out I was very lucky. This unit operates so much better. Filled with gas and sprayed over 20,000 gallons in 6 weeks, no problem. I love my SR-700 Spray Unit and would not sell for $5,000 profit.”

H.D. Dillard / Tennessee

“My husband and I were just starting out in our own business with little to no knowledge of sealcoating. Your equipment is very user friendly and in one lesson (quick too, I must say), we have been off and running. Thanks for making great quality and user friendly products. We would recommend you to everyone.”

Michelle H. / Reliable Pavement Maintenance

“..thanks for making equipment that has gotten the attention of many. We have sealers ask us about it (our SR-700 Trailer) all the time! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with such high quality equipment. You guys definitely run a first class operation there.”

David J. / TX

“I have researched seal coat units very thoroughly and found the “Seal-Rite” units to be the best and most competitive priced. Trying to save a few dollars on another brand would be the worst mistake.”

M. G. / N. Dakota

“It is dependable, tough, and well built. I always use sand in my mix and the pump and spray unit has never had a problem.”

D.P. / Illinois

“Troubleshooting is easy. The full sweep agitation makes it easy to clean and winterize the tank. My SR-700 helped triple my business!”

S.W. / Illinois

“…The SR-550 sealing machine that I purchased from your company has made my life very easy and my job much easier. The jobs that I have done with my machine are very professional in appearance compared to some of the other machines on the market. This is by far the best machine built. The jobs are done in half the time of the old way I used to seal and my customers are quite pleased with the job this machine has done. Thanks to you, my business is growing. I hope to do business with your company on other products as I am very pleased with the first one I purchased from you. Thank you for the technical support when I needed it.”

D.Z. / PA