When it comes to supplying equipment for your sealcoating business, there is no better choice than Seal-Rite. Our tanks, trailers, and accessories are second to none, delivering high quality at a reasonable price—the same way we have been doing it for going on 30 years. When you choose Seal-Rite, you are getting more than just quality equipment.

Seal-Rite has separated itself from the competition by more than just offering well-designed, reliable sealcoating machines and storage tanks. Our founder’s first-hand experience in the industry keeps us on the right path, ensuring that we continue to provide American-made equipment and offer the support you need to get the job done. Year after year, we are here with advice, guidance, and a commitment to our customers that includes an extensive parts inventory to keep your equipment running strong.

What Makes Seal-Rite the Right Choice for Your Asphalt Sealcoating Business?

Over the years, we have worked hard to be the kind of company customers come back to again and again. Some of the items that set us apart include:

Real Industry Experience

For nearly 20 years, our company focused on providing sealcoating services to customers. We were good at what we did and had plenty of practice at it. All that experience is what led us to start designing our own sealcoating equipment. What we had available at the time didn’t work as well as it could and definitely didn’t hold up to serious use the way we would have liked. We figured we could design better sealcoating equipment, so we did.

Now, for more than two decades, we have been designing and manufacturing our sealcoating equipment for businesses like yours. Customers love our equipment because it works the way it should. And they love our company because we treat them with respect and help them solve their sealcoating problems.


All of our trailers, bulk tanks, and skids are made in the heart of the country by American craftsmen. Our manufacturing professionals know their trade and we rely on them to produce the products we are proud to put the Seal-Rite name on.

Knowing how hard it can be to find reasonably-priced equipment made in America, we realize that it’s only become harder since we started manufacturing over 20 years ago. That’s why you never have to worry about whether our sealcoating equipment will be manufactured state-side. We are proudly American-made – and always will be.

We’ve Got Parts for Your Equipment

We keep the parts you need to repair our sealcoating equipment on the shelf for whenever you need them—even years down the line. Customers who bought our first rigs nearly 30 years ago can still get major parts for their equipment from us for repairs. And these are quality parts, not cheap knock-offs. Our shelves are lined with parts from Honda, Jenny, Wilden, and Hannay.

Seal-Rite doesn’t do planned obsolescence. We make equipment to last a lifetime and will support that equipment as long as possible.

Committed to Continuing Excellence

From our first design, we were focused on manufacturing sealcoating equipment that would stand the test of time. There are plenty of businesses out there still using equipment from our first manufacturing run. We know, because we still provide parts for them.

Of course, we weren’t going to sit on our hands over the past few decades, either. We have continued to design and manufacture new models of our skids, bulk tanks, trailers, and other equipment. With each new model, we build on what we have learned from our work so far and improve upon it. That includes taking notes from customers when they contact us with issues.

If you have ever called us to let us know about a problem with your equipment, chances are we took notes and designed the next iteration of that equipment. While fixing your equipment, we learn about ways to improve and develop designs that won’t be prone to similar issues in the future.

Equipment for Beginners, Experts, and Everyone In Between

With a reputation like ours, it would be easy to focus exclusively on high-end models for businesses with plenty of cash. But we came up in the sealcoating industry by working in the field for decades. Our founder started sealcoating with a basic rig, a few customers, and a lot of drive. The last thing we are going to do is forget where we came from.

We offer sealcoating equipment for businesses at every level. Whether you are an expert with a big crew or just getting in the game, you can find Seal-Rite equipment that fits your needs and your budget. Just because our base-level equipment is affordable doesn’t mean it’s low-quality, either. Each piece of equipment we offer is designed as if we were going to use it ourselves. Every unit is “Pro” quality and available at a competitive price.

Expert Help with Sealcoating Challenges

Everyone can use knowledgeable advice from time to time. While we can’t help with every issue that comes up, we are committed to assisting our customers with sealcoating questions whenever possible. In fact, helping you troubleshoot issues with your equipment and/or process is often the highlight of our day. There is a good chance if we combine our industry knowledge with your focus on a particular sealcoating problem, we can identify a solution. We are also passionate about making sure our equipment is working as it should be. 

Not only can our produce experts talk you through any problems when they do arise, we take it a step further. We understand how important it is to keep any potential downtime at a minimum and for that reason, we maintain a warehouse with the largest supply of parts and accessories available at a moment’s notice. We can get you any parts you need quickly and efficiently. That’s why Seal-Rite’s customer service is known as the best in the business. 

Customer-Focused Business Model

There are multiple reasons why our company has stood the test of time. The quality of our American-made sealcoating equipment is certainly an important one. But we think our focus on keeping customers satisfied is just as important. It’s the kind of customer service you just don’t find with giant, international equipment manufacturers.

In an era where big companies are cutting their customer service departments to the bone—or eliminating them altogether—Seal-Rite is staying the course we always have. From the top down, we focus on providing a superior experience to our customers and we invest in our people to maintain that focus. When you contact us, you can expect to interact with a real person.

Whether you are wondering what skid is right for your operation, you have an issue with a piece of our equipment that you already own, or you have questions about how to best use your sealcoating equipment, we are here to help. And as long as we are in business, we always will be here to assist our customers the best way we know how.

See What Sets Us Apart: Contact Us Today

It’s easy to say you care about your customers, but the real proof comes when the rubber meets the road. Let us show you why so many sealcoating professionals, big and small, are lifelong Seal-Rite customers. Please give us a call or send a text message to (573) 387-4491 or send an email to sales@seal-rite.com to learn more about the best sealcoating equipment in the industry.

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